Rooftops Crop

The Rooftops Conference Chicago 2022, to be held on Friday, February 25th, 2022 as a collaboration between The Rooftops Project and Loyola University Chicago School of Law, this year live online.

Panelists from the not-for-profit sector, the real estate industry, and the professions will explore themes illustrating how not-for-profit executives, staff, and board members can collaborate in addressing real estate and space needs in achieving their organizations’ core objectives. The Conference is a forum for meaningful discussion and also a chance to interact with peers in the social sector and the real estate industry. Whether you are involved in real estate and space decisions every day or once in a while, you’ll hear something new that may validate, challenge, or even change your approach. We hope you will join us! Denham Wolf directors Ronzard Innocent and Christopher Turner will be part of a dynamic event.

Learn more about the Rooftops Project and register for this year's conference here.