On Saturday, June 10th CEO and Principal, Paul G. Wolf will be speaking at the 2023 Harlem Historic Preservation Conference: Harlem and the Future 2. Paul will be joined by an excellent group of panelists for a discussion about Preserving Sacred Architecture for Community Benefit.

About The Panel

Title: Congregations and Communities: Preserving Sacred Architecture for Community Benefit

Topic: historic church design, preservation, religion and community, AIA credits LU|Elective

Churches function as community anchors and gathering points even for non-congregants. How can the community help in sustaining and enhancing these important places? What are the methodologies and strategies for the public to respectfully and helpfully engage with the worship community? This program will discuss the role of historic churches in Harlem and the community’s involvement in the reimagining of their social and architectural features, so that they might continue to thrive and serve their greater community for generations to come.

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