About Us

An essential resource for New York City’s nonprofit community, Denham Wolf Real Estate Services provides expertise in transactions, development, and project management. Through these integrated services, we empower clients to take a thoughtful, mission-first approach to real estate, thereby creating stronger and more sustainable organizations.

Denham Wolf has partnered with hundreds of nonprofits since its founding in 1998, shaping millions of square feet across New York City. On every project, we serve as the client’s trusted real estate advisor. Our extensive experience with nonprofits and our culture of learning enable us to derive creative, client-specific solutions. We strive for excellence in our work, and we are continually developing deeper insights and expanded skillsets for the direct benefit of our clients.

A longstanding commitment to our local communities ensures that, in addition to addressing metrics of financial viability, we explore the ways in which real estate projects can improve societal and environmental well-being. At Denham Wolf, we care—actively and vigorously—about the world around us. We are accountable for the immediate and the lasting impacts of our work, and we are committed to serving New York City’s nonprofit community with respect and integrity.

Fundamentally, we believe that an organization’s mission and programs should drive real estate projects, and this principle guides everything that we do. Mission leads; real estate follows.

Denham Wolf provides unparalleled skills and expertise. Visit our Services page to learn more about what we do.