Rent and other facility operating costs can generate significant financial strain for a nonprofit. For most organizations that lease, these costs are second only to the organization’s human resources. On January 30, Denham Wolf's leasing experts and Lawyers Alliance's Hedy O'Hara will present a workshop about today’s commercial real estate market. Participants will gain insight into today's marketplace and learn some nonprofit-specific strategies for successfully relocating or expanding in New York City. Participants will also receive a guided tour of the Lawyers Alliance's newly leased and fit-out office space, an effort that was negotiated and overseen by Denham Wolf.

The 2-hour workshop, presented by the Lawyers Alliance, is available for free for grant recipients of the New York Foundation. Tickets are available for purchase for all other organizations.

Register for the Real Estate Strategies: Maximizing Value in Office Leasing workshop by visiting the Lawyers Alliance for New York website.