On September 22nd, join, Paul Wolf, Denham Wolf President, for a conversation on how to convert adversarial relationships between community groups, developers, and cities into working partnerships.

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On September 22nd at 3:10 pm, Denham Wolf Co-Founder and President Paul Wolf, will participate in the panel A “New Model” of Development as part of the afternoon event Can Outer Borough Revitalization and Social Impact Development Reshape NYC?

To encourage connection among those in the industry with a passion for impact, JTC Americas and Akerman LLP are hosting an invite-only event in New York City on Thursday, September 22. The event will feature speakers and panels discussions on the most up-to-date information and strategies for social impact investing, EB-5, and related programs. There will also be opportunities for you to network and connect with others in the industry.

Discussion topics may include:

  • Development opportunities in NYC, specifically in the Outer Boroughs
  • The need for a new development approach, focused on social impact, to mutually benefit communities and developers
    • Attracting social impact capital
    • Challenges and solutions in demonstrating impact to communities, investors, and regulators
  • Current regulatory frameworks for impact funds, Opportunity Zones, EB-5, REITs, and more

has been invited to speak on how social impact investing is reshaping New York City. In recent years the most underserved areas of New York City have gained a greater share of investments, allowing for spawning new developments, that are mutually beneficial to the communities and developers.

As part of this virtual event, hosted by Akerman LLP and JTC Americas, Paul will be joined by Ray Salaberrios, SVP of Empire State Development, Joshua J, Rinestein, Partner at Real Estate Akerman LLP and David Dishy, CEO of LMXD for this exciting discussion.

This event is taking place on September 22, 2022 between 2:00pm - 5:30pm ET, with Paul's panel speaking between 3:10pm and 4:00pm. There will be a Q&A at the end of his panel.

If you are interested in attending this complimentary virtual event, please visit JTCs Americas website or click this link.