A New Administrative Home for a Leading Disabilities Advocate and Service Provider CP of NYS Administrative Headquarters

The Cerebral Palsy Associations of New York State (CP of NYS) provides services for individuals with cerebral palsy and developmental disabilities as well as resources for their families. Impelled by an upcoming lease expiration at its Manhattan headquarters, CP of NYS partnered with Denham Wolf in an assessment of its long-term goal to assemble local clinical, housing, and administrative services under one roof. In addition, Denham Wolf served as broker and secured a new facility for CP of NYS.

Founded in 1946 by parents of children with cerebral palsy, the Cerebral Palsy Associations of New York State (CP of NYS) is a leading provider of resources and programs for individuals with cerebral palsy and developmental disabilities. At the time that Denham Wolf was engaged, CP of NYS comprised 24 affiliates and 18,000 employees, all working closely with the State of New York to provide services to more than 100,000 people with disabilities and to their families.

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The upcoming lease expiration of its Manhattan headquarters led CP of NYS to engage Denham Wolf in a multifaceted real estate project that culminated in the purchase of a commercial office condominium. The project was primarily fueled by the organization’s long-term goal of collocating the organization’s administrative functions with a Federally Qualified Health Center and a newly envisioned supportive housing program. Recognizing the ambition of this goal and the time constraints of their administrative office space, the organization was open to sites that would accommodate any or all of these facilities. Of utmost importance, however, was ensuring the continued operations of CP of NYS’ myriad programs, including Day Habilitation and Day Treatment programs, Early Intervention, Preschool and School Age Special Education, and Family Support Services, all of which help thousands of families care for loved ones within New York City and across New York State.

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“Balancing the long-term goals of the Cerebral Palsy Associations of New York State with the short-term need for office space required rigorous but highly efficient strategic planning by our team. The organization’s decision to move to 40 Rector Street empowers CP of NYS to continue providing services seamlessly while thoughtfully building toward the future.”

—Paul G. Wolf, Managing Principal, CEO, President at Denham Wolf

Denham Wolf partnered with CP of NYS to explore a range of possibilities for its next New York City property, including the potential acquisition of a new development site, all while keeping the organization’s mission at the heart of the conversation. After identifying and assessing these options, Denham Wolf supported CP of NYS in concluding that the best next step would be the acquisition of an administration-only site.

As broker, Denham Wolf subsequently represented CP of NYS in the search for an ideal administrative space and, ultimately, in an acquisition. In addition to key financial and timing-based goals, our site search prioritized diverse transit options that would facilitate smooth travel for CP of NYS at the local and state-wide levels. A commercial office condominium at 40 Rector Street ultimately proved the best option, specifically a full-floor space of 31,000 square feet. With this move, the organization joins the ranks of several other service-based nonprofits at 40 Rector Street.

The organization’s 2019 relocation to Lower Manhattan represents an important first step for the organization; through this project, CP of NYS has increased its site control in New York City and made progress toward defining a long-term real estate plan. Denham Wolf’s strategic planning process helped clarify the decision to take this step, and the team’s thoughtful negotiations made CP of NYS’ new space a reality.

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